Here's how


Make your own roster. Build out an awesome backup lineup. Pull together a dream team made up of the best sitters, nannies and dog-walkers you know; people you've already vet and successfully engage into some kind of regular commitment to you and your family. And then do the unthinkable - share.


Because more of the same thing is good. By sharing resources, you get back ten-fold. Ok, maybe more like 4-fold if you're a little new to this. But you get the idea. You get to exhale finally and score some peace of mind. The bonus being, you get to tap into a bigger pool of trusted resources when you need them, and share them when you don't.


We gave 20 working mothers two weeks of full access to our go-to pool and gave them complete on-demand backup support. A tiny useful community. A dream team. Teaming with resources. One made up of recommended super sitters, awesome organizers and brilliant coordinators that everyone was able to tap into, as-needed.                                                                                                                   


Over the course of this two-week period, this team helped these women deal with over 75 tasks - anything from after school pick up, piano lessons, soccer practice, prepping dinner, chopping onions, decluttering horrible closet organizing forgotten stacks of things best left alone, to running all of those annoying errands really no one really has time to do anymore.

And all we asked for in exchange was that they share on of their favorite resources for every sitter they wanted to add to their roster - just a little share and share alike to get them exactly who they needed, on-demand.